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"My experience in Canada stared 6 months ago I hadn't imagined that I would have probably the best experiencie in all my life. Alternativa Canada supported me in all my trip since I arrive in the airport until I get home. Today I'm want to say thanks to the incredible crew of Alternativa Canada. Thanks to them I grew as a person and of course studied English in a great school in one of the best countries in the world. Everything was perfect, they help me with my visa application and facilitate my homestay. My friends, my school, my teachers and the amazing Canadian culture allow me to live a wonderful 6 months. Right now, I'm very sad because I miss my friends from all over the world, miss the evenings in the park and the nights in the library, I miss the kind Canadian people that say: Sorry and thank you every time they have a chance. Today I can say thank you so much Alternativa Canada! and for sure I will recommend your services to my friends so they can live the incredible experience that I lived"

—  Nicolas Contreras Preciado, Bogotá- Colombia

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