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We are a company composed by Immigration Consultants and Educational Representatives. Our objective is to assist students to reach their educational goals in Canada by offering ESL,  post-graduate, and bachelor’s degrees programs.

We provide assistance and guidance to study in Canada

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  • Requirements and structure of the Canadian educational system; 

  • Current study programs, availability, and admission requirements;

  • Registration process and acceptation letters from the institutions we have agreements with.

  • Estimated personal and tuition expenses, as well as information about living in Canada.  



The Canadian government allows students to alternate their classes with a work schedule in order to apply the knowledge gained from courses and practice English. Studying and working enables students to develop skills that can bring back to their home country and compliment their experience of living in Canada.  Depending on the study program, the next list is just a few options for students to work:

  • Work on-campus.

  • Internships and Co-Op programs.

  • Work off-campus.

  • Working permit after completing a program.

In comparison to other countries, those students with a family can request a working permit for their partners only if the couple has a Free Union status.

Note: Not all the study programs allow international students to work.


Immigration consultants at Alternativa Canada work closely with students to assist and guide them with immigration laws that apply to their cases.  

Our accreditations and experience allow us to provide immigration advice to international students.

In your country of residence, you can get advice on:

  • Immigration implications for international students.

  • Assistance in the process and processing of visas.

In Canada, we provide students different services such as:  

  • Study permit extensions.

  • Restauration of status in case of loss.

  • Issuing of work permit during and after the completion of study programs.

  • Transferring to other educational institution without risking the student’s legal status.

  • Assistance to process the Canadian Express Entry application after culminating study programs and meeting all the requirements.

  • Assistance to process Permanent Residence applications to those that meet the requirements.

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Can any consulting or educational agent provide immigration advice and offer guidance in your application?

A student agent, college representative, or even a recruiter can help students with their applications. However, if the student needs help with their student application and wants guidance on the process, he/she needs to hire an immigration consulting firm certified by the Canadian government.

At Alternativa Canada, we know all the legal requirements and the practical aspects of studying in Canada. We focus on establishing realistic expectations on the possibilities of getting a student visa. It is also important to know that the federal Canadian law requires an a consultant to be certified by the Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC

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