Representation Fees

At Alternativa Canada we understand that investing money in an immigration process is a crucial decision in our customers lives and their families. Our representation costs are reasonable and competitive.

According to the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC –We provide our clients a contract (Retainer Agreement) that details clearly the terms and conditions of our service. IMPORTANT: Alternativa Canada does not require payments to professionals through telephone and without an appointment.



We have selected them considering their professional experience. Each one of them receives the necessary training to give our clients the best service.

Take into account:

  • A representative cannot provide immigration advice and charge for it. Only an immigration consultant regulated by RCIC is authorized to receive payments from their clients

  • A representative cannot receive any money from our clients unless the consultant assigned to your case sends you a written authorization that specifies the amount and reason of the fee being charged.

  • Nobody in Alternativa Canada or the industry can ensure the issue of a visa

Alternativa Canada

The consultants at Alternativa Canada meet every legal requisite to advise you in your immigration process.

(Learn here how to identify risks and avoid any type of fraud in your immigration process)

ATTENTION: The Canadian government and ICCRC prosecutes those people that offer immigration advice illegally and make a profit out of it. The services provided by these agencies risk your application and credibility to the immigration authorities.

The Canadian government prohibits any mention of guarantees and the existence of influencers over the decision of an officer. Only an immigration officer that works in your case can make a decision based on your application.



El Gobierno Canadiense alerta a la comunidad sobre las actividades de personas inescrupulosas que solicitan pagos vía telefónica o por correo electrónico haciéndose pasar por miembros del gobierno. De igual manera se han detectado este mismo tipo de actividades en donde estas personas se identifican como parte del personal de empresas de consultoría migratoria de buena reputación. ¡No permita que lo estafen!

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