We are Canadian consultants regulated by the ICCRC, offering legal advice and assistance during your migratory process.

Our objectives are:

·  To give every client a clear and efficient consultation.

·  To know in depth the circumstances of special cases.

·  To establish realistic expectations over the process as well as our services.  

Alternativa Canada was established by a group of professionals experienced in the immigration field. Every member of Alternativa Canada understands from their personal and professional experience the importance of migrating to another country. Our knowledge does not restraint only to the legal aspect but also understands the emotional implications and even the practical details that involve the migratory process.

In addition to our personalized service, we are a reliable source of information so your transition into Canada goes as smooth and efficient as possible. Meet our team



Every client meets with one of our Immigration Consultants. During this session, our clients have the opportunity to discuss in detail their case in order to determine the most appropriate process depending on their needs.

Before we take your case:

  • Our initial and customized analysis is based on your current professional and family situation to determine your immigration options.​

  • We establish clear expectations in your immigration process as well as specific parameters when offering our services.

According to the ICCRC – Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council – our regulatory agency, we provide our clients with a contract of services (Retainer Agreement) that clearly details the terms and conditions of the services that we will provide in every case. Additionally, we make a differentiation among service fees, processing costs, and payments to the Canadian government.

Know your immigration alternatives

The first step to define your immigration alternatives is to book an appointment with one of our consultants. Some of the topics touched on the appointment are:

  • Initial-personalized analysis of your professional and family situation.

  • Explanation of the criteria/requisites required for your case.

  • Explanation of the stages of your process and the estimate time that each phase will take.

  • Clarification of legal representation costs and the fees required by the Canadian government. 

When you decide to use our services, the preparation of your case includes aspects such as:

  • Preparation of a contract that outlines the obligations of Alternativa Canada in regards to your case, professional costs, payments to the Canadian government for the processing of your applications, and the terms that the process will be worked on.

  • A clear explanation of the Canadian immigration laws, stages and estimated time of your process

  • Collection of the necessary documents to present a complete application (including official forms depending on the country), according to the Canadian immigration laws.

  • Elaboration of a job targeted towards CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada – with a detailed relation in every case and the immigration laws in your petition. 

  • Preparation for the interview with immigration agents in case of being necessary.


  • We will be the only point of contact between you and the Canadian government. From our offices, we manage the correspondence sent by CIC in a confidential manner, and only share it with our client. This allows us to keep clients up to date with the status of their processes and also other requirements from immigration officials with the objective of keeping track of every deadline.

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El Gobierno Canadiense alerta a la comunidad sobre las actividades de personas inescrupulosas que solicitan pagos vía telefónica o por correo electrónico haciéndose pasar por miembros del gobierno. De igual manera se han detectado este mismo tipo de actividades en donde estas personas se identifican como parte del personal de empresas de consultoría migratoria de buena reputación. ¡No permita que lo estafen!

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