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Do you want to study in Canada?You are in the right place! We are a professional firm made up of Educational Consultants and Immigration Consultants. We promote Canada as an ideal destination for studies in languages, specialization and post-secondary studies, among others. 

English, Diplomas, Certificates, Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Masters.

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Agreements with +60 Canadian Educational Institutions

We provide assistance and guidance to carry out your studies in Canada:


  • Requirements and structure of the Canadian education system in general.

  • Existing study programs, availability and admission requirements.

  • Registration process and obtaining letters of acceptance from the institutions with which we maintain agreements.

  • Estimated costs of studies and information about living in Canada, etc.



The Canadian Government allows a student to combine studies and work in order to apply their knowledge and practice the language at the same time. Study and work facilitates international work experience and complements the experience of living in Canada.


Depending on the study program, the following work options exist:​

  • I work on campus.

  • Internships.

  • work off campus

  • Work permit after studies.

Unlike other countries, students with families can request a work permit for their spouses or common-law partners. This work permit is normally equivalent to study time.

Not all study programs allow an international student to work.

Canada's academic offer is immense,It is important to be clear about your academic and personal goals in order to choose the right program.


Our International Studies department works hand in hand with our Immigration consultants to advise future students and allow them to become familiar with the immigration legislation applicable to their specific case.


Our accreditations and experience allow us to provide immigration legal advice from the beginning of your life as an international student.


In your country of residence, get advice on issues such as:

  • immigration implications for international students; Y

  • Assistance in the process of preparation and application for the Visa.

In Canada, we provide advice on:

  • Study permit extensions

  • Restoration of status in case of loss.

  • Obtaining work permits during and after studies.

  • Change of educational institution without loss of status.

  • Application within the Canadian Experience Class category once studies and work have been completed, etc.

  • Advice on applications for permanent residence for those who have studied and worked in Canada


  • Document legalization services for immigration purposes (Commissioner of Oaths)

  • Document translation services

  • Guide to searching for housing in Canada*.

  • Assistance in purchasing tickets and student insurance*.

  • Professional interpreting services in case the student is required for an interview by a government agency and still does not master the English language.

*Subject to availability

Can any educational consultant or AGENT offer you immigration advice and guide you in your study application?

Not!! Your application for studies before the Canadian government is very important

A study agent, College representative or recruiter can help you with your application to the educational institution, but if you feel you need help with your study application and want to receive immigration assistance, go to aRegulated Consultant - ICCRC.

InAlternative Canada,  we have a thorough understanding of both the legal requirements and the practical aspects of studying in Canada and we consider it very important to establish realistic expectations about the possibilities of obtaining a visa.

Our experience and accreditations as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants complement our study consulting services and allow us to provide a comprehensive service to those who wish to move to Canada mainly for study purposes.

ALERT! Canadian Federal law requires that a person providing immigration assistance must be a Regulated Consultant member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC.

The Canadian Government and ICCRC go after those who offer immigration notices illegally and profit from it. The services of these agencies or individuals put your application and credibility before the immigration authorities at risk. 

Alternativa Canada Inc. consultants meet all legal requirements to be able to advise you in your process.

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