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Alterativa Canada

Alternative Canada was established by a group of professionals who decided to come to Canada in search of opportunities for development and professional growth in a country that offers, among other advantages, security, education and medical coverage for its residents and citizens._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Each member of Alternative Canada understands from their personal and professional experience the importance of the decision to emigrate to another country. Our knowledge is not limited only to the  legal aspect but also understands the emotional implications and even the practical details of the immigration process. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In addition to personalized service,  we will be a reliable source of information so that your transition to Canada is smooth and successful.


Meet our team

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Our goal is to provide each client with clear and efficient   advice, knowing in depth the particular conditions of each case; setting realistic expectations about the process, our services  and offering professional and accurate representation

How do we carry out our consultancy process?

Before taking your case, we:


  • We carry out an initial and personalized analysis of your professional and family situation to determine what your immigration options are.


  • We establish clear expectations of your immigration process and specific parameters in the provision of our services.

The first step to define your immigration alternatives is to make an appointment with one of our immigration consultants.

The topics to be discussed at your appointment will be: 


  • Initial and personalized analysis of your professional and family situation.

  • Explanation of the criteria/requirements of the immigration category applicable in your case.

  • Explanation of the stages of your process and the estimated time that each phase will take.

  • Clarification of costs for legal representation and fees required by the Canadian government.

Contract / Case Preparation:


  • Preparation of a contract with the obligations of Alternativa Canada Inc, according to the case; costs and payments to the Canadian Government for the application process, as well as the terms on which your case will be worked on.

  • Clear explanation of Canadian laws, the steps to take and the time of the process.

  • Collection of the necessary documents to present a complete application (including the official forms and depending on the country), according to Canadian immigration laws.

  • Preparation of an estimated job to CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada – with a detailed relationship in each case of the immigration laws in your request.

  • Preparation for the interview with immigration agents, if necessary.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council - ICCRC, our regulatory body, we provide our clients with a service contract (Retainer Agreement), that clearly details the terms and conditions of the services that we will provide in each case and we make a differentiation in the costs for our services, processing expenses y payments to the Canadian Government.

With our advice we provide information and we will be a guide throughout the document collection process, so that these adjust to Canadian requirements and standards, being us the only point of contact between you and Canadian Government.   


Desde nuestras oficinas, realizaremos un manejo confidencial de toda correspondencia enviada por Inmigración y Ciudadanía Canadá (CIC) a nuestros clientes. _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_This allows us to keep you duly informed of the status of your process, as well as any requirement from the immigration officials, in order to fully follow the stipulated dates and deadlines.

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