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Study and Work in Canada 2023 | All you need to know

study and work in canada 2023

Studying and working in Canada this 2023 will still be very viable and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. An Australian research report that analyzes Google search terms identified Canada as the most popular immigration destination in the world. Wow!

If you are reading this, surely you already know that Canada is characterized by a high level of education, cheaper costs in Colleges and Universities, a high level of employability, very good quality of life, in addition to the immigration advantages for international students, among many other factors.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know to Study and Work in Canada this 2023.

How to Study and Work in Canada?

To find out what programs are available at different universities in Canada, you must first identify the English skills required by most institutions. You need to have intermediate English as a minimum requirement for admission.

If you don't have an intermediate level of English, you can come to study English. We'll talk more about that in the section below.

Always keep in mind how long the programs take, the city you want to go to, and your area of specialization.

There are 3 options in which you can Study and Work in Canada. The different programs are as follows:

  1. Higher Education (Most recommended): Pursuing a higher education program from a public university/college that issues provincially endorsed degrees will allow you to work part-time during your studies (maximum, 20 hours per week).

  2. Technical course. Take a technical or vocational course at a college (public institution), with which you can work part-time or part-time (20 hours per week).

  3. Co-op Programs: Take a Co-op program at a College or University, in which work is incorporated as part of the studies and allows the student to have a paid (or unpaid) internship period related to the area of study. Its duration is between 1 and 2 years. It is basically an internship during your studies.

During the vacation, you will be able to work full time as in the Co-op period.

What do I need to study in Canada?

You need a study permit to be able to travel to Canada and study. Your college or university must have sent you a LOA (Letter of Acceptance). This school must be a designated learning institution (DLI).

Also, explain your reasons for coming to Canada to study and demonstrate financial and banking support. Other documents may be required such as proof of roots in your country or if you are traveling with children or a partner, prove all of their documents (marriage certificate or common-law marriage).

study and work in canada 2023

Alternativa Canada offers assistance to all international students seeking to enroll in Canadian Colleges and Universities. oWe can offer discounts with certain institutions and have an expert team ready to guide you with your process and visas if needed.

You can schedule a free consultation with one of our educational consultants.

Requirements to study in Canada

You must meet these general requirements to apply for a study visa:

  • Valid passport.

  • Letter of acceptance from the academic institution (DLI).

  • Proof of funds to pay for your studies.

  • Financial and bank statements for the last 4 months.

  • Invoice of payment of student tuition fees.

  • Letter of motivation to study in Canada.

  • If you are a minor you will need to attach a declaration of custody.

  • The cost and duration of the visa will vary depending on the program of study.

study and work in canada 2023

To be accepted to your academic institution and obtain the letter of acceptance:

  • Educational qualification: high school diploma or higher education if applying for a graduate or master's degree.

  • English proficiency: IELTS Academic from 4.5 for Private College. Public College for Undergraduate and Post-graduate Certificate requires an IELTS Academic average of 6.0 to 6.5.

  • Apply early. We recommend applying approximately 6 months in advance if it is a Public College. If you need help with your application, please contact us.

Consult with our advisors about Pathways or English courses that may complement your profile. In some cases, IELTS is not necessary.

If you do not have the English level you can start studying from your country. We have agreements with a number of schools that offer full-time and part-time online classes at all levels.

If you need help in your College enrollment and visa application process, Alternativa Canada can help you, contact us to schedule a free educational orientation.

Visas to study and work in Canada

Can you study and work in Canada? Find out below what types of visas allow you to do this!

Student Visa

A student visa gives you the ability to stay in a country for more than six months and obtain a permit to work. This will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during your vacation.

Some of the requirements to apply for this Canadian visa are:

  • Be enrolled in an official institution (DLI) and accredited by the Government of Canada.

  • To present a justification that demonstrates that you have the necessary funds to pay for your entire trip or a letter written by the person who will be in charge of your maintenance.

  • Submit a letter of acceptance issued by the school in Canada.

  • Attach three passport photos.

  • Make the payment of the visa fee (156 $CAD approximate, the price can vary).

Working Holiday Visa Canada

The Working Holiday Visa is one of the Canadian visas that allows you to study and work in Canada. However, it is one of the most difficult to obtain! With this document, you can legally stay in the country for one year.

You can enroll in individual courses in any of the IEC categories. Courses must be completed within six months. They must also not be part of a program that lasts longer than six months, such as a two-year program or a four-year degree. If the course or program lasts longer than six months, you must apply for a study permit.

Some of the requirements to apply for this Canadian visa are:

  • Be between 18 and 35 years old.

  • Have 2500 $CAD to cover initial travel expenses.

  • To contract a medical insurance that covers the whole period of stay in the country.

  • To present the biometric exams.

Post Graduation Work Permit

If you have finished your studies, but want to stay longer in Canada, you can apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit. To apply for this permit, you must have studied in Canada for at least eight months in a PGWP-eligible program and College, as this will determine the approval of the document and its validity, which can be up to three years.

Advantages of coming to Canada as an International Student

These are the advantages of coming to Canada as an International Student:

  1. Work Permit for your spouse or partner (common law). Your partner can come with an open Work Permit for the same duration of your studies. Important: Enroll in an eligible public program and College. Your children can also come with you and if they are between 4 to 17 years old they can access quality education in public schools for free.

  2. Pathway to Permanent Residency. This is one of the most popular pathways to permanent residency. In Canada there are more than 70 pathways to become a permanent resident and the study pathway is one of the most common. After completing 1 year of skilled work there are opportunities to apply for Express Entry programs.

  3. Part-time work: You can work part-time during the semester and full-time during breaks or vacations. This will help you get some extra money to cover your expenses for the next semester! You can also work full-time during your vacations, if you wish!

  4. Affordable Fees. It is true that studying in Canada is expensive, but it is a good investment. Canada needs skilled workers and is known for its quality education system. Studying in Canada can contribute to your points for residency, as well as make studying abroad more affordable than in other countries such as the United States and England.

  5. Quality of education. Canadian educational institutions offer a quality of international standard, so there are more than 1,000 international colleges and universities that have agreements with Canadians.

  6. Worldwide recognition: Canadian degrees and diplomas are internationally recognized, because the country's academic programs provide an education of the same caliber as those of prestigious universities in countries such as Germany, England and France.

  7. Multiculturalism and education: If you have the opportunity to study in Canada, you will have access to a diverse country with people of different religions, cultures and backgrounds. This gives Canadians the opportunity to experience diversity first hand and explore new ways of life.

study and work in canada 2023

What programs allow you to Study and Work in Canada?

Canada has many programs from which you can choose: certificates, diplomas, undergraduate studies or graduate degrees. At Alternativa Canada we help you apply to your chosen program and get accepted in a timely manner.

Contact us to schedule a free educational consultation. Your best choice will depend on a variety of factors such as English level, budget and location.

What programs allow you to Study and Work in Canada?

  • Public College: These programs require a higher investment, but they are more complete, more prestigious and of higher educational level. In addition, at the end of your program you will be able to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Check if your institution is within the list of designated institutions (DLI) and grant the PGWP permit.

At Alternativa Canada, we only work with public colleges because you could be eligible to the PGWP, which gives you a clear path to permanent residency.

  • Private Colleges: Generally much cheaper than Public Colleges. They are short programs, from 1 to 2 years, but they do not give you the option to work after graduation; that is, you will have to return to your country or enroll in a Public College to continue your path to permanent residency

The most popular cities for international students.

One of the questions is what is the best city to live, study and work in Canada? Well, it will depend on your tastes and interests, but also on your immigration plan. Did you know that studying in a province can give you more or fewer options towards your permanent residence? That is why it is advisable to put together your immigration plan with certified consultants, write to us!

Well, let's give you a small summary of the 3 most important and most popular cities for our students.

Toronto | One of the best cities in the world

study and work in toronto 2023

A publication called World's Best Cities 2021 ranks Toronto as the 13th best city. Here are some reasons why it is worth living there:

  • It is one of the fastest growing cities in all of North America.

  • Toronto is Canada's financial city. So if you are passionate about business, you should study and work here.

  • It is a mega-diverse city, as most of its population is migrant. It also has one of the best education systems in Canada.

Montreal | Canada's cultural and technological city

study and work in montreal 2023

Canada is not only home to world-class national parks, but is also full of wonderful, modern cities like Montreal. Home to the second largest population in this country, it offers visitors a lively and cultured lifestyle.

  • If you want to study French in Canada, Montreal should be your choice. It is the multilingual capital of the country and offers French and English courses.

  • In Montreal, there are many of the best bars and restaurants in Canada. If you visit, try to go to the Quartier des Spectacles or the Village area.

  • Despite its rich culture, Montreal is ranked as one of the smartest cities in the world. In its 2020/2021 Ranking, this Canadian city ranks 7th among the cities with the best technological governments.

Vancouver | Canada's green city

study and work in vancouver 2023

If you are making plans to study or work in Canada, it is always a good idea to learn about the different cities! Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada and is committed to developing new technologies to improve people's lifestyles.

  • There are many fantastic parks in and around Vancouver, so our residents have access to clean air. It also has the least cold climate of the 3.

  • Vancouver is a fantastic study destination because students are close to the Canadian town of Whistler, known for its snow - the perfect place to improve your winter sports skills and have fun!

  • In Vancouver, there are many museums with Canadian history exhibits. Some examples include the Museum of Anthropology and the HR Macmillan Space Center, among many others in the region.

What do I need to do to study and work in Canada? - Start your adventure in Canada!

  1. If you are looking to study and work in Canada, first prepare all your doubts and set up a free appointment with us to analyze your profile and your educational options in the city of your choice in Canada. We will help you in the whole process of study, from registration to the College/University until you receive the acceptance letter.

  2. If you decide to do it on your own, but you see that it is a lot of paperwork and it causes you a lot of confusion, don't worry, we can take care of the whole process.

  3. We will process your visa for Canada. We will start by gathering the necessary documents to apply to the colleges or Universities in Canada. Once we get the letter of acceptance, now it's time to gather the necessary documents for the immigration part. Schedule an appointment with a CICC consultant!

  4. Once our application is accepted, we will wait for the medical appointment and passports to be sent to finally prepare for your trip to Canada!

  5. Start your student experience in Canada We will welcome you in Canada with open arms! Get ready for a super enriching experience!

Learn more about Alternativa Canada:

We are a professional firm made up of Educational Consultants and Immigration Consultants. We promote Canada as an ideal destination for language, specialization, and post-secondary studies, among others.

We have more than 14 years of experience assisting international students to pursue their professional development in Canada.
study and work in canada 2023

Our Education department works hand in hand with our immigration consultants to advise prospective students and allow them to become familiar with the immigration legislation applicable to their specific case.

Our accreditations and experience allow us to provide immigration legal advice from the very beginning of your life as an international student.

Estamos comprometidos al 100%

In your country of residence, get advice on topics such as:

  • Immigration implications for international students; and.

  • Assistance in the visa preparation and application process.

In Canada, we provide advice on:

  • Study permit extensions;

  • Restoration of status in case of loss of status;

  • Obtaining work permits during and after studies;

  • Change of educational institution without loss of status;

  • Application under the Canadian Experience Class category upon completion of studies and work, etc.

  • Advice on applications for permanent residence for those who have studied and worked in Canada.


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