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Representation fees

naAlternative CanadaWe understand that investing in the immigration process is an important decision in the lives of our clients and their families. We are responsible for representations that are reasonable and competitive.

"Let's say, the cases of immigration are not standard procedures and personal circumstances, but as the category of immigration in which it is applied, they are determinants for the management of your process."

In accordance with the guidelines of the CONSELHO DOS CONSULTORES DE IMIGRAÇÃO DO CANADÁ - ICCRC, our controlling ÓRGÃO, we provide our clients with a service contract (contract) that clearly details the terms, conditions and services that they will pay in each case and will cause differences in costs for our services, processing and payment departments for the Canadian government.



We are selected based on empathy and professional experience. Each one receives the necessary training to give our clients or better service.


  • A representative cannot give prior notice of immigration and charge for isso. Only a regulated consultant - RCIC - can do it.

  • A representative cannot receive or pay two of our clients, unless the consultant designated for his case sends him the payment authorization in writing, specifying the amount and the reason for the receipt. We are not responsible if you receive an unauthorized payment.

  • A representative cannot guarantee the issuance of a seen. Anyone who is a member of the alternative Canada or of any other company, can do it.

Alternative Canada

Os consultores da alternativa Canada Inc. complied with all the legal requirements to advise the emseuprocess.

(Learn here how to identify risks and avoid fraud in your immigration process)

ALERT! Canadian law requires that a person providing immigration assistance must be  regulated member  by the Immigration Regulatory Organization of Canada – “Immigration Consultants of Canada – ICCtory Council of Canada

The Canadian government and ICCRC will monitor those who illegally offer immigration notices and profit from this practice. The services of these agencies or individuals place their application and their credibility at risk before the immigration authorities.  Os Consultores da Alternativa Canada Inc. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_all the legal requirements to help you in your process.

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